Parasite - Deep Space Drone

The latest un-manned mining and exploration drone from Kepler Industries was announced the 4th of april, 2197.
This drone, called the PARASITE, quickly became the standard for astroid mining and deep space exploration. Its most significant features are the forward-facing refueling boom, state of the art deep space quantum relay antenna, and bottom mounted RCS-assisted harpoons to latch on to astroids or space debris.
In 2205 the vehicle became galaxy-famous for the succesfull course adjustment of astroid 243 Ida, preventing impact on the mars society and saving millions of lives doing so. This was achieved by intercepting the celestial body with a total number of 300 ships which latched on and tugged it out of collision course.

Pretty much everything is modeled in Fusion 360, with a decal and cable pass in blender. Rendered with Octane standalone.
The scientists are scans I bought.