Scifi Safe
Boy sichterman vault04

Game ready - shot 1

sketchfab scene with animation

Boy sichterman vault02

Game ready - shot 2

Boy sichterman vault01

Game ready - shot 3

Boy sichterman vault03

Game ready - shot 4

Boy sichterman render2

High poly model rendered in keyshot

Boy sichterman render1

High poly model rendered in keyshot

Scifi Safe

Futuristic safe I concepted, and made game ready for the Sketchfab Residency.
I put a little secret inside for the rick and morty fans, check out the sketchfab scene with opening animation!
I documented the creation process on the forums:

Textured in Substance Painter 2.

Shoutout to Alex Senechal for some very nice feedback in the design stage.

More artwork
Boy sichterman thumbBoy sichterman tunnel 1Boy sichterman thumbnail